Pray for Us!

March 28, 2007 at 10:27 am (Commentary)

Last Monday night, my ex-girlfriend whom I have not talked to for the last 4 months, sent me a text message saying that she hopes that I still pray for her because that’s what she needs most then. I offered a sacrifice for her intention and for the fulfillment of God’s will. Just after 6 hours, she sent another message thanking for the prayer that I said for her. 

What’s ironic here is that she is one of those “evangelical Christians” who don’t believe in intercessory prayer of the saints. How can a Christian rely and have faith in the efficaciousness of a sinner’s prayer, yet mock the idea of asking favor of intercessory prayer from the holy souls who are before God, praying eternally! How sure are these people that their “co-sinners” will be favored by God? Is anyone here on earth worthy to be heard by God? No one is worthy; however, as the Scripture said, effective is a righteous man’s prayer. If it is so, how much more effective are the prayers of those who are with God, seeing him as he is—face to face!

If these holy souls loved the sinners and all the earth-dwellers while they, as we are, were still in this vessel, now, they love us infinitely more, looking through the eyes of the Father who is the source of love, and is love himself. Their love has no more boundary, no reservation, and absolutely not indifferent to our needs. They pray for us now more than they did here on earth. Would someone firmly believe that a king’s beloved will find less favor than his transgressors? It’s not even worthy of comparison! A sinner deserves punishment; yet, if God does favor to us, sinners, how much favor will he grant those who are eternally faithful to him? You can’t imagine!

I hope this may clear the mind of the readers and see the grace and goodness of God in granting favors to mankind through the intercession of the holy souls.

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