Holy Saturday

March 26, 2016 at 7:00 pm (Reflections)

Tonight, the Church proclaims in singing the true meaning of the Passover. She rejoices in the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection, which freed us from the slavery of sin and death. This is the night that made it possible for us to enjoy life on earth and to reign with God in heaven. By dying, Christ destroyed our death, and by rising, He restored our life.

If only we understand the great gift that we are receiving tonight, we would want to stay awake, forgetting everything, and meditating on God’s wisdom and love, which He showed in his plan of salvation. God’s mind is not as simplistic as others might assume. Even before the foundation of the world — man have not yet committed the ancient fault — God already knew how He would save him.

God is love and, as Pope Francis said, Mercy is His name. His justice would not allow anything evil to go unpunished, but His love for man would also not allow Him to just let man be destroyed by sin. If this redemption would require God to be a man, so be it. Thus, the God-Man Jesus. He became part of Adam in order to accept the punishment for Adam. The Eternal One experienced death, the Author of the universal law was considered a criminal, the Source of life was murdered. Satan must have been celebrating when he saw Christ on the cross — dead. No one but God knew what was to happen next. Then, with glory, Jesus Christ rose from the dead, proclaiming victory against death, sin, and hell. With all authority and truth, He said, “I have overcome the world” (John 16:33), which means everything. Christ now is the Lord of all, the Master of all worlds. He did not use any supernatural power to avoid suffering, pain, and death; He experienced them all as human, maybe even with the physical sensitivity of a newborn, because His body was especially made for the purpose of suffering (read Hebrews 5:10); of going through hell for us. In fact, in the Gospel, it is said that while on the mount of Olives, an angel appeared to Jesus and strengthened Him (Luke 22:43), not to lessen his suffering but rather to enable Him to suffer more.

Jesus Christ is the Man. He was the only one who reached the unreachable star. And because of His courageous and life-giving love, He gave birth to us. We became children of God through Christ. Heaven is now open for us. We are no longer enemies of God. Death became a toothless wolf, a powerless monster. Instead of destroying us, pains and sufferings only help us become more Christ-like, perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect. With Christ, risen from the dead, we overcome the world.


Image Credit: cardinalsblog.adw.org

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